Welcome to S'more Treats!

Here at S'more Treats we have a vision to bring out the inner child in everyone with our whimsical yet cheerful line of sweets.  Whether you're looking for a sweet pick me up, a gift, or to arrange a candy display for your special occasion, we at S'more Treats want to make it the most fun you've had succumbing to your sweet tooth since your childhood.  

Something that is very near and dear to us at S'more Treats is that all of our products are Halal.  This means for those of us who are concerned about gummy candies or marshmallows having gelatin in them have nothing to worry about while shopping at S'more Treats.  All of our products either do not have any gelatin in them at all making them vegan friendly as well, or we use Halal beef gelatin in which case we indicate in our descriptions.  All of our candies are Halal certified by our supplier and the Halal Monitoring Committee both located in the United Kingdom.

Our long term vision is to provide an endless supply of Halal confectioneries to those of us who have not had these options available to them until now both within North American and Internationally.  It is also important to us to create an environment for all of us from every background to go to for the ultimate childhood experience.  

Whatever your occasion, one of our representatives are always eager to consult with you.  We can arrange a party mix, personalize gifts, or simply answer questions.  We encourage you to contact us and let us help you come up with a solution.  No occasion is too big or small for us.

Shop from our online store or call us to place your next party order!